Hair Science The School

Perks of Being a Barber:

  1. Become your own boss
  2. Create your own schedule
  3. Open your own barbershop
  4. Work in a career that is ALWAYS in demand

We offer:

  • Night classes to accommodate students with full-time jobs
  • Small classes that allow one-on-one interaction between student and instructor
  • Affordable payment plans

Skills Gained:

  • Build leadership, business, and personal development skills
  • Exercise creative expression through barbering
  • Learn all the latest and greatest techniques and hairstyles, including designs, mohawks, fades, razor work, and much more.
  • Participate in community outreach through charity events
  • Counsel fellow classmates while receiving direction from skilled professional.

Length of Program:

1650 clock hours (Fulfill requirements of the Alaska State Board of Barber Examiners) 12 months

Enrollment Process:

  1. Call 907-375-9767 and setup interview
  2. Select program (full-time or part-time enrollment)
  3. Complete school orientation
  4. Begin journey of becoming professional barber

Get Involved:

  1. Complete in our annual Great Alaska Barber Battle
  2. Attend program dedicated solely to the profession of barbering
  3. Become a part of an award-winning team of student barbers

Get Involved:

Enroll Today By Contacting Us At:
Hair Science
203 West 15th Ave Suite 108
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

"Let me start by saying I had absolutely no prior experience cutting hair before I started here at Hair Science Barber School. However, within these few months that I've been there my confidence and skills have improved immensely. It's a truly positive and productive learning environment. I have no doubt that when I complete my time I will be more than prepare for the next chapter of my life. The information that I'm learning goes far beyond the realm of just barbering. I'm learning key principles that will aid me in every aspect of life. It's definitely one of a kind".
-R. Drummond, student

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