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  • Word to the Wise Wednesday
    If you are visiting a barber for the first time, bring a photo of your desired haircut.Having a photograph provides the barber with a visual reference and a foundation for Read more
  • Strengthening our Joy
    Tribulations will arise, but joy can remain despite life’s happenings. Sadness will come. Bad days are inevitable. Yet, if we have joy, temporary situations won’t be able to keep us Read more
  • Power of Words
    We use the same mouth to pray as we do to speak words of discouragement, anger, and negativity. If we believe our words are powerful enough to reach the Heavens Read more
  • Embracing life’s changes
    This week will bring about life-changing events as my wife and I anticipate our daughter’s birth. Change can be scary and uncomfortable, but it’s a necessary part of growth. I Read more
  • Creating change through mentorship
    They say you never really know who is looking over your shoulder, so always be at your best. Yet, I’m thankful for those who intentionally made room in order for Read more
  • How to Live A Passion-Based Life | Part 1
    Loving what you do and basing your life around it is possible. Shawn Idom, owner and instructor of Hair Science Barbershop and Barber School, discusses his journey to building a Read more
  • Hair Science Barbershop and Barber School is now on YouTube!
    We have some great things planned for 2016 here at Hair Science Barbershop and Barber School, and a weekly video is one of them.Check out the first one, and subscribe Read more
  • Faith
    According to your faith be it unto you….Meaning because you believe it will happen. Believe in yourself. Believe in you dreams. Believe in a better tomorrow…. Just believe. Read more
  • A New Year, A Fresh Start
    Wishing you a happy New Year from my family to yours! Read more

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