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  • Finding peace in your purpose
    Once I started living out my God-given purpose, peace was present. It’s still present today and remains despite challenges that may arise. Find purpose. Find peace.Stay connected:Facebook: Read more
  • The Barber Life on the Big Screen
    My wife and I went to the movies with a few of my students last night to see Barbershop 3.Enjoyed spending some time with these guys away from the school. Read more
  • Focus improves customer service
    Word to the Wise Wednesday: In a world where things are moving rapidly, a barber’s focus must be on the haircut or service being provided. When clients are in the Read more
  • A Note to My Younger Self
    During moments of self reflection, I wonder what I would have told my younger self during my first years as a barber. So, today I’ve decided to share my top Read more
  • Success requires order
    Order matters. Our environment and mindset have to be as fresh and straight as our lineups and parts. It’s all connected. Read more
  • Improving lives with kindness
    We all have something we can use to improve the lives of those around us. Whether you give of your talents or simply give a moment of your time, always Read more
  • Preparing for the future, today
    Preparing our students for success in and outside of the barbershop is important to us at Hair Science, so we brought in a financial advisor to discuss retirement with our Read more
  • Great weekends start with fresh haircuts
    It’s Friday, and we’re certain a fresh haircut will make your weekend better. Call to book your appointment. Read more
  • Students of life keep learning
    There is no limit to learning. We’re barbers, but we’ve learned some basics of photography too. Don’t short yourself. Learn something new, and watch how it sharpens your overall expertise. Read more
  • Word to the Wise Wednesday 4/20
    Remember the master was once a student.I am proud to say at Hair Science we have talented students who perform quality services, which these images of recent haircuts show. Their Read more
  • Hair Science graduate completes course
    Hairdresser to Barber program perfect for professionalsCongratulations to Clay on graduating from our Hairdresser to Barber course. “This is the first time I’ve finished any thing in a long time,” Read more
  • Developing a mindset for success
    Success is on the other side of the struggle. Keep going.Stay connected:IG: Read more
  • All we have is love
    In the end, all we have is love …She has given me a friendship that goes beyond any friendship I’ve ever known. An understanding that sees past all my faults Read more
  • Find A Mentor
    Follow the FootstepsFinding a mentor early in your career is an absolute must for young up-and-coming barbers. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Find people who have already done what Read more
  • Return of Hair Science’s sleep cam
    Don’t sleep on getting your haircut this weekend!Another huge announcement: The “sleep cam” has returned. So if you’re caught napping, we might have to get cha! Stay connected:IG: Read more
  • You never lose. Win or Learn.
    I’ve been developing my brand for more than 10 years, which has involved tremendous sacrifice. Countless hours away from my loved ones, investing money into areas of my business that Read more

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